“While 1979’s punkzines were generally photocopied, the first issue of Negative Reaction (1977-78) was printed using offset litho, but it still drew on an emerging punk aesthetic of typewritten texts and hand-scrawled lettering. In Nothing Is True (1992), featuring political rants on war and misinformation. Letraset typefaces are used to replicate the aesthetic of cut-out lettering. In the satirical magazine Omsk (c. late 1990’s) hand-rendered cover drawing reinforces the cartoon like character of Michael Jackson. Camilla and Fred Deajun moved the fanzine aesthetic into the 1990’s with the Acid House fanzine Boo! (early 1990’s), using overprinted fluorescent colours and psychedelic lettering.” – ‘Fanzines’ by Teal Triggs


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