Luna Maurer

Luna Maurer

Technically speaking, Luna Maurer is a graphic designer, however that description would be too narrow indeed for she creates with all possible media, working for museums and cultural institutions worldwide. Her way of working is best described as designing under strict conditions, in which the process and experiment are as much as important as the final outcome.

In most of her exhibitions public participation is key. Maurer allows the public to co-create, for example by handing out sticker sheets. Subsequently, the public is invited to create a communal body of work, typically named a “fungus” because of the way it emerges organically

Together with designers Roel Wouters, Jonathan Puckey and sound engineer Edo Paules, Luna Maurer co-created a manifesto describing their rules. They not only adopt these rules in their daily work as designers but also when they come together every week to experiment at home in Luna’s kitchen. Since the process is the product, all experiments are meticulously recorded, archived and published, be it in the form of books or on the web.


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