Alfalfa Studio: Design Journeys Mural

The 36 x 10 foot Design Journeys Mural was designed exclusively for the show titled You Are Here, a participatory exhibition shinning light on the careers of 25 designers from a variety of backgrounds, whose own lives and experiences demonstrate the ideal combination of diversity and excellence.

The mural showcases the last names of the 25 designers united in a visual typographic journey. In an organic, fluid way, one last name leads to the other, inviting the viewer to follow the journey by connecting the various shapes, letters, and textures. Each of the 25 last names are rendered in a different typographic style combining organic and geometric forms—script, serif, san serifs and everything in between. The mural visually demonstrates how all the designer’s journeys are different and unique yet they all are part of a whole.

At the opening, and, during the two-month exhibition, attendees were encouraged to be active participants by coloring the mural. At the end of this interactive experience, the mural became a colorful, graffiti-like artwork that captured the experience not only of the 25 featured designers but, also, of the attendees to the exhibit.


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