Andres Zapata — Recession Nation

”The Recession Nation Project is a book of photos, short essays and poems about the recession.

Recession or no recession, the current economic situation is stirring up dust all around us. This project is meant to capture and share a multi-perspective, mixed media, insightful, shared and visual response to this dust and its consequences.

If nothing else, this project will be an interesting experiment about what happens when technology, social networking, modern on-demand printing, art, design and social responsibility come together. Content was submitted by anyone and everyone effected by the recession. I recruited contributors using facebook, flickr, and email. It uses on demand printing and all proceeds go to the needy.“


Individually, we’re educators, writers, students, entrepreneurs, volunteers, artists, and community leaders. Together, we’re a team of passionate people who want to do good for clients who do good. Sure, we may never get rich. We’ll always be weird. And we’ll continue to treat beer, coffee, and salted caramels as food groups. But what a ride it is.


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