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Notwaste is a furniture company founded by the Italian designer Attanasio Mazzone on 2012.

Notwaste arises under the principle of “not wasting” in all the steps of the design process and at the use of the product:
not wasting space at home neither effort on moving the pieces, nor wasting both materials and manufacture processes.
Our company has a principle goal: collaborate with designers from all over the world, designers with new ideas that want to generate useful products, suitable for the contemporary lifestyle. The daily fulfillment of this goal will make Notwaste a competitive brand of international level.
We make possible the combination of the best national and international design talents with high technology to launch intelligent, desirable and commercial products.

Notwaste uses principally two materials for manufacturing its products:
-OSB panel, a material with a unique texture and great resistance compared to other wood panels. Every OSB panel we use is APA certificated, this way we can guarantee to our clients a durable piece.
-Valchromat® is a high-resistance wooden board with color throughout the thickness. The diverse tones of Valchromat® are obtained from organic dyes that give a great finish and durability to our products.

Since January 2015 Notwaste continues its growth by moving to Guadalajara, a city that emerges as one creative capital with a wide design manufacturing capacities. Thanks to a strategic alliance with Jorge Vazquez and Kassim Vera, both designers and entrepreneurs from this city, now we have the capabilities to enhance the scope of the brand, optimize our production line and improve our logistics. With this alliance Notwaste will continue generating new products with the same philosophy that distinguish the brand in the international market.

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